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ESOLVE Final Conference 24-25 November 2014 – Budapest

Hereby we invite you to the Final Conference of the E-SOLVE project that will take place in Budapest on 24-25th November, 2014 in the central building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Bld K. 1st floor room 95., 1-3 Műegyetem rakpart, 1111 Budapest).

The main purpose of the final conference is to demonstrate the results of the project and the exploitation of the results. Significant emphasis is placed on the impact of EU co-financed projects and on the concrete plans for ensuring the dissemination of their results. These results (i.e. products, methods, experiences and policy recommendations) and the overall experiences gained by each initiative should be made available to the widest possible audience to learn from.

On the occasion of the closure of our project, similarly to the summer camp organised in August, we have invited experts and several stakeholders of the field of distance and e-learning to present their recent research or their case first hand to the participants. The conference will be two days long, its main topics are the above mentioned project and research results and their possible exploitation and presentation of interesting VET solutions. The primary target audiences of the event are:

–    Coordinators of VET-related distance and e-learning projects,

–    Developers of e-learning and traditional learning methods and materials,

–    Vocational education and training experts,

–    IT practitioners and

–    E-learning content developers.


One of the major outcomes of the E-SOLVE project is a collection of 50 quality evaluated good practises, some of which will be presented during the event.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity to bring together all different stakeholders of the VET field, distance and e-learning providers and get acquainted with the best solutions and latest scientific research.

Registration to the event is free but compulsory. To secure your place, please submit the online registration form available at http://tinyurl.com/ESOLVE-FinConf.

If you have any further question – regarding logistics, travel, accommodation, etc. – please do not hesitate to contact us.



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