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Work Packages


WP1 – Project management and administration

A well-prepared project management staff will ensure the sound management and proper administration of the project. It will use free of charge Internet-based collaborative tools together with more traditional administrative tools and techniques to ensure that the project outcome is properly documented. Partners will maintain up-to-date books of account, in accordance with the accounting conventions imposed on them by law and existing regulations in accordance with the relevant LLP rules (LLP handbook and grant agreement). Partners will retain all appropriate supporting documentation for all expenditure for the project as reported, as per set in the relevant LLP rules (tender documents, invoices, purchase orders, proof of payments, salary slips, time sheets, etc.)

WP2 – Development of an e-learning classification system

In order to develop the best and most appropriate methodology to evaluate the LdV financed ongoing and finished projects that provide ammunition for applying several e-learning methodologies and techniques for VET institutions, partners will develop the classification system according to which projects will be evaluated in the course of WP3. Since the potential stakeholders that would benefit from the project shall be addressed with custom-tailored solutions, methodologies for their proper selection will also be developed for WP4.

WP3 – Setting up databases: good practices set

After the development of the e-learning classification system in the course of WP2, which is a methodology for the investigation of the LdV financed ongoing and finished projects, partners – after a comprehensive evaluation – will compile the good practices set in a dedicated database, as the main deliverable of the WP serving as the base of WP5 and supporting the activities of WP4. All partners contribute to the activities of the work package.

WP4 – Setting up databases: identification of stakeholders

The aim of the WP is to have the comprehensive list of potential stakeholders with their identified needs to be able to communicate and disseminate custom-tailored solutions or options for them. The outputs of WP2 will be used when implementing this work package. The outputs and results elaborated by the WP will serve – besides the good practices set – as the basis of the exploitation and dissemination activities (WP5 and WP6).

WP5 – Awareness raising for existing solutions

The main objective of our project is to exploit the results of previously implemented or ongoing projects that had been financed by LdV. Based on the evaluated and/or selected good practices (refer to WP3) and the created stakeholders’ database the awareness raising activities can be custom-tailored and communicated.

WP6 – Dissemination

The proposed dissemination activities ensure a high reach on our target groups thus transferring the results in an efficient way. Activities do not last only for the period of the project implementation but will be sustained in order to ensure a long-lasting effect and to have an impact beyond the project’s lifetime.

In order to gain the attention of our target group we will introduce a dialogue using several communication channels including:

  • online marketing tools (project website and social media <facebook>, direct mails);
  • classical “offline” marketing tools including press, magazines, radio, television, providing information to a wider audience;
  • event marketing through workshops and international conferences;
  • ad-hoc and planned one-on-one meetings with stakeholders, decision-makers.

This work package is very much attached to the “implementation” work pakcages, as we are using some deliverables produced in other WPs for dissemination and exploitation activities too. Also, databases prepared during those WPs will be used for dissemination activities as well. The partnership is putting an emphasis on not to duplicate activities.

WP7 – Quality Assurance

The main objectives of this WP are to ensure the elaboration of quality products and services during the project and to secure high standard procedures regarding project management, dissemination, valorisation and exploitation of results. P1 is going to lead this WP. Their key experts’ competence in quality assurance (QA) were proved in several international collaboration projects and in their regular activities too. With their guidance, activities entitled for quality assurance will be carried out in a profficient way. Involved parties in the activities of this WP are management personnel and key expert staff of the Partnership. WP leaders will have a key role in the QA procedures. In order to save on management costs of this work package, colleagues will mainly use Internet based communication tools for discussions on QA issues. Still, personal meetings are also planned, combined with workshops related to other work packages. Our experts will also have one-on-one consultations with each other. Major issues will be reported to the Steering Committee if necessary.