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Aims & Objectives


Our project aims at distilling knowledge on LdV projects dealing with e-learning, categorizing them according to several aspects, selecting sectoral good-practices and disseminating them among VET stakeholders throughout Europe. Our focus will be on solutions that could be utilised in white-collar education and training.

In order to meet the changing needs and behaviours of their students/adult learners, vocational education and training providers need to get acquainted with the latest innovative ICT based contents, services, pedagogies and practices for lifelong learning. This calls for widespread dissemination and valorisation activities. As we have mentioned above, hundreds of good solutions were funded with the financial contribution of the Lifelong Learning Program. VET providers need to be guided through this large selection of projects and assisted in finding the one that suits their activities the best.

Our other target group are the development organisations that are providing the IT background and other, creative elements for the e-learning programmes. Providing them a virtual expo would ease not only their promotional activities but also market research, as they could benchmark their products. Creating a healthy competition among such service providers would also enhance the quality of education and training.

Selecting and collecting the 50 good e-learning practices can help both of our target groups to find their on way using e-learning methodology.