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University of Pannonia is a significant institution of higher education in of the Transdanubian region of Hungary. The programmes offered by the university, which has a considerable professional tradition and a great past, cover nearly all areas of sciences. The institution has five faculties, one of them is located in Keszthely, and it has campuses in Nagykanizsa and Pápa, and other places of education in Székesfehérvár and Szombathely.

This multidisciplinary university guarantees unique possibilities to obtain up-to-date knowledge in agriculture, humanities, economics, engineering, pedagogy, social- and natural sciences, as well as extra-curricular professional and scientific activities. The scientific value of the institution is shown by its 11 accredited doctoral schools and its internationally recognized research programmes. Tutors and researchers succeed in different project-applications both in Hungary and in the European Union.

The University is delegating its Faculty of Economics for the elaboration of the proposed activities.
The primary objective of the Faculty of Economics is the education of economists, engineering managers the further education and retraining of executives. The aim is to produce professionals who are capable of creating, managing and leading systems of enterprise of national importance.

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Pannonia is recognised as a constantly growing and important intellectual centre in the Transdanubia region and contributes to the functioning and improvement of the public and civil society with its high quality education, research and development.

The Faculty of Economics is composed of several departments: the Department of Accounting and Controlling, the Department of Applied Economics, the Department of Economics, the Department of Finance, the Department of International Economics, the Department of Management, the Department of Quantitative Methods, the Department of Tourism.

The Faculty of Economics has 8 bachelor’s and 9 master’s programmes – 3 of the in English – and a doctoral school in a multi-cycle linear training system. Thanks to this, the Faculty has the most versatile training programme of all the national higher educational institutions offering economics courses.

The programmes basically represent three educational branches. The field of business administration focuses mainly on the business word, the functioning of markets and companies, managing and control of various company activities (finance and accounting, marketing, human resource management, etc). In the field of economics, we train macroeconomists who are dealing with the analysis, planning and control of national economics and international level economics processes. The technological-economic programme’s primary aim is to educate professionals who are able to organise the processes of manufacturing firms and controlling their activities.

As the educational programmes have been co-ordinated, the courses are adaptable and movement between them can be made easily, providing students with diverse opportunities for specialisation.

In acknowledgement of the Faculty of Economics, first in the country, the Faculty has received a Higher Education
Quality Award in the category of Organization Unit. The award provides an opportunity for national and international comparison, ranking and also for adapting to the economy’s needs, besides strengthening the competition.

The international relations have always played a very important role in the scientific, educational and cultural life of the Faculty of Economics. The Faculty’s primary aim is to strengthen the international endeavours of the University and is firmly committed to taking the steps required to enhance the competitiveness of the degrees gained at the University of Pannonia.

One of the Faculty’s most important aims is to increase the number of international students at the University. The Faculty is strongly determined to get both individual and exchange students involved in their degree programmes.
Having recognised the importance of attracting more and more well-known, respected lecturers to the University of Pannonia, the Faculty of Economics is aiming to build strong and long-lasting relationships between tutors by involving them in diverse research cooperation projects as well as inviting them to teach in our programmes.
Collaborating with and being in line with the requirements of companies in the Central Transdanubian and Western Pannon Regions, the University of Pannonia, Faculty of Economics successfully promotes the realisation of regional, national and cross-border educational, research and development programmes.

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